Back in the 80’s Andrew Flamm and Sarah Bleecker-Greer were classmates at Skidmore College, studying art. While there they learned they worked well together running the student gallery.  Losing touch after graduation, Andrew and Sarah had the fortuitous luck of reconnecting years later at the most auspicious of place’s: a butcher counter. 

It was there that they discovered that each of them had developed ambitions to champion Maine’s vibrant farming community.  After living in Maine for decades and eating locally grown produce and pastured raised meats they wanted to offer these superior products to the public in a year round setting.  They combined forces to create the retail specialty food market: Bleecker & Flamm, Maine Street Meats. A full-scale, old fashioned style butcher shop, cheesemonger, and bakery that also offers a line of house-made prepared foods that showcase the high-quality and freshness of locally, pasture raised meat and poultry and seasonal ingredients found in Maine.